Why Choose Us?

At Niki Gems we only manufacture fine jewelry, i.e. our jewelry is either handmade with gold or solid sterling silver. Our factory does not get any other material to craft jewelry. Our 925 sterling silver is environment friendly - no cadmium and lead and hypoallergenic - no nickle or such material that can harm your body. The sterling silver with special composition does not tarnish easily unless exposed to a harsh chemical.

Originally a diamond manufacturer, we understand how exactly a diamond reflects and looks. When we started our manufacturing of sterling silver jewelry, we were not happy with readily available cubic zirconia. Thus, we collaborated and started our own manufacturing with signature faceting to cubic zirconias that will make them sparkle and look like a real diamond. The base material of these zirconia are of a very high quality, which is why they will not fade and can be used on a regular basis. GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY

As much as we care about our customers, we also truly love and understand our team. Every single person at Niki Gems is well respected, encouraged to explore their strengths and ability to discover and educate themselves. Most artisans in India come from an underprivileged background. We feel obliged to help them to complete their education and teach them English to explore Internet and learn of new opportunities.

How it's Made Right from hand drawing our designs to dipping them in rhodium plating, everything is done in house and is hand created with lots of love and perfection. At Niki Gems, we have vowed to change the way people look at Sterling Silver jewelry. We dont want our jewelry to be another mass produced product that is considered "junk" but rather an affordable designer jewelry for everyone. Something that each one can wear and feel like a celebrity. Ultimately it is our goal that every single person who wears our jewelry should be smiling every time they see sparkle and radiance of it. We constantly, therefore, research and develop a lot of new ways to make complicated jewelry simple to wear and enjoyable.

6000+ Customers

20+ Countries

1000+ Designs

200+ Million Diamond Set