Payment Options

Payment Options

To facilitate easy purchase Niki Gems have different types of payment options. Besides Paypal, you can choose to make a payment through credit cards, debit cards, international cards, or cash on delivery (for Indian customers only.)

Cash on Delivery – Domestic Orders

For domestic customers only, has the payment option of Cash on Delivery. You may choose to make your payment at the moment the product gets delivered to you at your doorstep.

Although there is no minimum order value to avail Cash on Delivery payment options, please note the maximum order value should not exceed INR 20,000.00.

In case you opt for Cash on Delivery, you need to pay only in cash that is considered as legal tender of Indian currency. Niki Gems do not accept E-Gift Vouchers, Promotional Coupons, or printout of any E Vouchers and E Coupons in case of Cash on Delivery.